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Every journey has a first step. What will your first step be to enhance your life with travel?

Maybe it is searching the web for inspiration or joining online travel communities.

The important thing is that you take that step. And then another. And another.

It is amazing just how far one step at a time can take you in your life.

This site has a wealth of information. Don’t get overwhelmed.

Start slowly. Take it one page and one post at a time.

Here’s a road map to get your journey started.

Don’t worry, you can do this.

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Start Here

Want to Come Wander With Us but aren’t sure where to start? We’ve got you covered with the who, what, when, where, why, and how. You just need to add the YOU!

Who Should Travel

It is our humble opinion that if you have a pulse, you should travel. Rich, poor, good health, poor health, you should travel. Young, old, in a relationship, single, have a family, have pets, you should travel. Travel near, travel far, just travel.

The Wandering Cs About Us Come Wander With UsWhether you are new to the joys of traveling or are a seasoned world nomad, this site will provide you with travel tips, destinations, inspirations, well-being reminders, and memory making ideas.

We created this site with the hopes of inspiring you to travel. The pages and posts are designed to help get you out your door and onto the road of wonder.

So who is this “we”? As my step-dad would say, “Do you have a mouse in your pocket?”

“We” are two experienced travelers, Chris and Christina, affectionately known to our family and friends as The Wandering Cs. You can learn more by visiting the About Us page and by reading our posts. They are filled with our stories that serve as examples of how to  (or perhaps warnings of how not to) travel successfully.

Make sure to Join the Conversation by not only reading the comments but by also leaving your own opinions. Our goal is to build a community. So don’t be a stranger.

If you still want more (and you know you do) you can Contact Us, Follow Us on Social Media, or Sign Up for Our Newsletter. We would do them all, but we’re overachievers.

What You Will Gain

The benefits of travel are countless, and it would be impossible to list them all. Everyone gains something different based on their own unique personalities and experiences.

The Wandering Cs About Us Come Wander With Us

Just a few of the possibilities of what you will gain through travel are:

• A broader understanding of yourself, the places you travel, and human nature

• A deeper appreciation for cuisine, architecture, technology, art, culture, and history

• Renewed connections to your roots, friends, and family

• Improved problem solving skills

• A more positive outlook on life

• A greater sense of belonging

Travel has not only improved our relationship with each other but with our friends and family across the country. You’ll find further examples of what we have gained by wandering throughout our posts.

When to Start

The Wandering Cs About Us Come Wander With UsWhen should you start making travel plans?

  • The perfect time is right now! You don’t have to book a plane ticket to get started. It can be as easy as making a list of places you would like to visit and making travel inspiration boards or files. If you’re here, you’ve already started!

When is the best time to travel?

  • Anytime you can! Each season has it’s own benefits and special places to visit. Just do your research.

When should you check in with The Wandering Cs?

  • All the time! Check the Blog and Social Media sites often, as we update content throughout the week. Also be on the lookout for our Newsletter.

There is no better time than now. Our posts are sure to help you narrow down the best time for your next adventure.

Where to Go

Come Wander With Us Where We’ve Been

It’s mind-boggling to see all the places we’ve visited. I’ll be honest, I don’t remember all of them in detail and there are things I wish we would’ve done differently, but all were amazing experiences that have made our lives better. As we say, “It’s either a good time or a good story (and usually both)!”

Come Wander With Us Where We’ve Been

It’s mind-boggling to see all the places we’ve visited. I’ll be honest, I don’t remember all of them in detail and there are things I wish we would’ve done differently, but all were amazing experiences that have made our lives better. As we say, “It’s either a good time or a good story (and usually both)!”

Where you go is entirely up to you. The sky truly is the limit (as well as the oceans, mountains, forests, deserts…you get the drift).

The Wandering Cs About Us Come Wander With Us

America is a BIG country so there is something for everyone, including you!

Short on time? Travel locally in your own backyard. Act like a tourist in a neighboring town. Make a day trip to an area close by you’ve never explored.

You don’t have to hop on a plane or pack a bag to have a travel experience.

To jump start your brainstorming, some of our favorite places are Boston, Savannah, Disney World, Williamsburg, San Diego, Grand Teton, Great Smokey Mountains, Mount Rainier, Crater Lake, Grand Canyon, and too many more to list.

Check out our posts and destination guides for more travel destination inspiration, as well as review where we’ve been and where we’re going.

Why You Should Wander

Why should I leave the comforts of home, you ask? Good question.The Wandering Cs About Us Come Wander With Us

The short answer is America is awesome with its countless cities, customs, and cuisines – all just waiting to be sampled.

Travel is exciting, invigorating, and enlightening. You’re in new places, with new people, and new ideas. You get to challenge your preconceived notions about the world.

As we wander, we not only discover our nation, with its rich history, its diverse peoples, and its wildly varied climates, but we learn a lot about ourselves.

We do more with less, live in a tight space and still love each other, and look forward to what’s next on the horizon. We’ve slowed down and truly see things as they are and not as what we thought they would be.

We want to help make your own travels easier, more enjoyable, and as fun as possible. So get reading, sharing, and being part of our community.

How this Site Works


The Wandering Cs website is divided into several main sections:

Travel focuses on America and how to make the most of your travels in this great nation
RV focuses on how to make living in an RV work for you and your family
Wellness focuses on maintaining a healthy lifestyle as you travel (and maintaining your health in general)
Memories focuses on how to record and share your travels through photography, videos, and writing

There are also numerous sub-categories to help you quickly find what you are looking for to make your travels more rewarding, and we hope that you find all areas of our site beneficial, enjoyable, and informative.

Contact Us and Social Media

Staying in touch is as easy as wandering over to our Contact Us page.

The floating widget on the left side of your screen (or as Share This at the bottom of your screen if you are reading on a mobile device) allows you to share the current page on social media.

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Come Wander With Us

Each social media outlet has different content, so make sure to check out them all!


Throughout the site you will see ways to sign up for our newsletter. Get travel inspiration, tips, and stories delivered straight to your inbox. It’s free and you can cancel or change your email preferences at any time.

Once you subscribe, you’ll receive an email to confirm your subscription. We want to make sure that everyone who subscribes wants to be here and that it doesn’t become some awkward party where everyone is just standing around talking about the weather (and we want to keep out the robots).

Why don’t you sign up now? After all, there is no time like the present. You’ll feel better. We’ll feel better. It’s a win-win for everyone. Except for the robots.

There, see, it feels pretty good, doesn’t it?


Everybody loves links! There is just something about clicking on that bright blue text and waiting for the window to load that fills my stomach with butterflies. Too much? Maybe it’s just me. Maybe. The Wandering Cs About Us Come Wander With Us


As this site continues to grow, we hope to provide increasingly useful and encouraging information. As a means to help you navigate through all this information, we use a number of internal links that will take you from one section to another. We believe these links will help you quickly navigate to related content and areas of interest.


Our main goals for this site are to encourage you to travel in America, enjoy life in an RV, live well, and enhance your travel memories. To accomplish these goals, we not only publish our own content, we share outstanding content from other sites. We are a part of a growing travel community and are always happy to link to other sites if it benefits you. For the most part, if you see a photo, city, state, or location as a hyperlink, the link will lead you to the official site. If it is a product, the link will usually be to buy the product on or directly from the retailer. We hope that the links will be just what you are looking for and save you from having to do your own search. We also want to make it clear that some of the links are affiliate links and that we can earn a small commission from your click or purchase (every penny we earn is another moment on the road so we appreciate your support).

Thank You For Wandering With Us

Before you get started on your travel adventure, we want to take a moment to thank you for coming here to wander with us.The Wandering Cs About Us Come Wander With Us

Tolkien said, “It’s a dangerous business… going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.”

While we’ve found travel to not be so dangerous, we’ve certainly been swept off our feet. But worry not, we are here for you, not only when you’re taking your first steps out your door but during all your adventures.

We do our best to answer every email, but please forgive us if we don’t get back to you right away.

We honor you and your opinions but have elected to monitor new guest comments to ensure that nothing distasteful appears in our Join the Conversation sections (this is a family site after all).

Thank you very much for your support and interest. We hope you’ll find as much enjoyment from wandering as we have over the years. Please feel free to drop us a line, make a comment, visit us on social media, and join in our ever-growing community of wanderers. We look forward to hearing from you!

P.S. If you have found this page helpful, please click on the ‘LIKE’ button below and share it using the snazzy social media bar on the left with all your friends. They’ll thank you and so will we. Thank you!

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